Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Autumn Is Here!

Autumn is officially here and has now made us start to think about Christmas.
Since August there has been the lovely aroma of fresh oranges, lemons and apples drying on racks over the range. I have just started to dry our chillies and bay leaves, the chillies are proving a little difficult to purchase at the moment, our bay leaves are home grown.

These will be made into wreaths, swags and tree decorations. I will add them to our website annettes allsorts and our online shops Etsy, Folksy and Misi.
Special orders are being taken now for any special sizes of Swags, Wreaths or for Large Orders.
Have posted a Christmas Bunting already!
We have been working hard at our new range of Hand Embroidered items but unfortunately we came down with a heavy head cold so it all had to go on hold for a few days to get over the worst, we are now on the mend and are looking forward to the launch of our new range so please bare with us.
More from the Studio soon.
Enjoy the rest of the week x

Thursday, 2 September 2010

The Beginning!

After much conversation on the shall we or shan't we it has happened, we have finally started our first Blog, nerve racking as you never know exactly what to write so be prepared for aload of waffle....
A little bit about us and what we do, we started our business last year, as the name says we make allsorts we liek to try different things but we mainly do Textiles and Wood items. We are changing our products drastically from last year we have now turned our talents to the Vintage theme using fabrics, lace etc for our sewing items these will also have alot of embroidery on them which has been done by hand by myself, daughter and our cousin who mainly works with the wood side of things but helps when we need him to.
Keep coming back for a read as we shall be posting our new products and letting you know what has been happening in our Studio every week.
Enjoy this lovely warm weather while you can!
Have a nice weekend x