Saturday, 23 October 2010

Latest Studio News!!

It has been another busy week, we have received a large order of a variety of items so we are in the middle of completing that. We were extremely excited as this is our first Big Order and to make it even more special they would like some of mums New Memo/Notice Boards so fingers crossed for more orders like this it would be nice.

 Also Mum and Chris have been busy finishing these lovely Nautical Tea and Egg Cosies which are available on our website and our online shops at Folksy and Misi.....

As many of you have proberly noticed we have woken to quite a few very frosty mornings this has come as a bit of a surprise the the flowers/plants and also the beautiful garden birds, but as the winter is getting closer we are having to replenish our feeders nearly three times a day with all the birds that visit during the day. It is a little distracting when your trying to sew....
We are thinking of new ideas as i type so i will keep you all posted on those products. We are hoping to visit Bradgate Park tomorrow to see the wonderful Red Deer Rut (weather permitting of course) will post pics if we manage to go.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend and keep warm.....x

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