Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Wednesday natter....

A little later than usual but i had a bit of an accident with our attic door it decided to swing back at me and cut my finger quite badly with severe bruising and swelling needless to say i was unable to move it for a week. It has nearly gone now but is still painful and the bruising is still very much there but at least i can now write and type yay!

Anyway enough about all that a few more new items for you all, Fabric Corsages- made with vintage fabrics and are available with brooch or hairclip backs these are the creations of our cousin Chris.....

 Extra Large Corsage

 Medium Corsage

 Extra Large Corsage

Mum has also been extremely busy making lovely and may i say very cute scented hearts these would make lovely Mother's Day or Easter gifts....

White Fabric

Blue Fabric

Cream Fabric

Don't forget you can purchase all our items on our online shops (links to these on the side) also on Swanky Maison....

We would love to hear your thoughts of our products so please drop up a line at

Hope you have a lovely week and a great weekend xx

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